Update E-Book Schnittmuster Zoe

Update e-book sewing pattern Zoe

Today I uploaded an update for the e-book sewing pattern HolterBra Zoe. The update offers more variations: you can wear it as a bikini top, as a sports bra, holter or simply as a top under a wrap dress or jacket. That's the great thing about the pattern.

On 27 pages you will find detailed sewing instructions with many pictures, which will also enable a beginner to achieve a positive result. In the instructions you will find tips and tricks for the finest lingerie and bathing fabrics, as well as an overview of the sewing stitches and their use. Step by step you will learn what you should pay attention to when cutting the lace.

The instructions include processing the neck and armholes with folded rubber or decorative braid.

Each size is printed on a separate sheet of paper. You won't find a salad of lines with me. The seam allowances are already marked. You can get started immediately after printing. To the pattern E-Book Schnittmuster HolberBraZoe

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